Build a website-hosting selection

Many friends felt cool when they saw my personal website, so some of them want to build one site also. But how to build a website? it’s will be a tough question to the fresh. I’d like to introduce the simple process in this articles.

The most important thing is to select a web hosting first. But how to select a hosting, below factors should be considered.

  1. The usage of the website. if you are going to build a big comprehensive website, you should consider a big storage, stable web hosting, maybe VPS is a better selection for you. if you are going to build a blog, which only need limited space and no special request for the speed, a economy web hosting should be considered.
  2. Budget. That mean how much you are going to pay for the web hosting. some hosting providers provide really cheap web hosting such as godaddy 1 dollar hosting.
  3. The software or plugin you can enjoy, godaddy provide one-click wordpress installation and many useful plugins, also many nice themes.

If you plan to build a website right now, you can click below link to get a good web hosting.


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