Data recovery techniques

When you delete the important data by mistake,what can you do ?There are three data recovery techniques that may help you.

1.Don’t have to scan all data completely.If you only want to find files  deleted accidentally, no matter use which kinds of data recovery software, regardless of whether it has similar Easy Recovery rapid scanning way,there is no necessary to get cluster scans to the delete files disk partition completely.Because when the file is deleted, the operating system only mark the deleted identification file in the directory structure, before scanning, any data recovery software will be read a directory structure information, and according to the deleted mark,the deleted files will be find smoothly.So, you don’t have to scan all data completely,on this basis,you can save a lot of time to scan data and find deleted flies quickly.

2.Set scanning scope of clusters cleverly.Set scanning scope of clusters is an effective method of speed up the scanning speed.Like Easy Recovery senior custom scanning way, Final Data and File Recovery default scanning way,all allow you to set the scanning range of cluster to shorten the scan time.

3.Using the filter file format.If you haven’t use data recovery software,when you use it at your first time,you might be startled by the functions of the software. Your purpose is to find some mistaken deleted files,but the software lists thousands of previously deleted files.So it will be very hard to find what you need. For this,you can use the unique file format filter function of EasyRecovery, fill file extensions  in the filter when scanning, such as “doc”, then the software will  only display the doc file.If you just want to find a file, you only need to fill out the file name and extension on the filter (such as important. doc), the software will find this file conveniently.

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