Three types of data recovery

What are the types of data recovery?A lot of people may have learned about data recovery, but not very understanding for the types of data recovery.Here I will give  a brief introduction of the three types of data recovery for you.

1.Logical failure data recovery.Logical failure is refers to the failure associated with the file system.The writting and reading of hard disk data is achieved through the file system.If the disk file system is damaged, the computer can’t find the  files and datas in hard disk.Most of the cases that data loss caused by logic fault can be recovered through the data recovery software.

2.Hardware failure data recovery.Hardware failure accounted for more than half of all data accidental failures,usually caused by lightning, high pressure and high temperature circuit malfunction.Of course,the data recovery of hardware failure is to get diagnosis at first, and then remedy the other soft fault, lastly the data will eventually be recovered successfully.

3.RAID disk array data recovery.The recovery process of disk array is also ruled out the hardware and soft fault firstly, and then analyze array parameters such as order, block size, lastly restructure with array card or array software, after restructuring,you can recover data according to the conventional method.


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