The techniques of using the firewall

A firewall is a security barrier of computer information safety, each computer is equipped with a firewall protection system.There are some techniques of using the firewall.

1.All the files firewall rules must be changed. This approach sounds easy, but there is no built-in change management processes in the firewall, so the file changes is not the best way for many companies to practice. The enter console of the firewall management products can fully visit the base of all firewall rules, so that all members of the team must reach a consensus, and see who has made some changes.Only in this way,can you find and fix malfunctions timely, and make the protocol management simple and efficient.

2.Install all the access rules with the minimum permissions.Another common security is setting the permission rules excessively,releasing permissions excessively will increase many unsafe factors.

3.Check the changes of each firewall according to the regulations and requirements.In the operation of the firewall, the daily work makes finding problems,fixing problems and installing the new system as the center.Every rule should be reviewed to ensure it can meet the security protocols and the content of any laws and regulations ,which is not only a legal provisions.

4. Audit the firewall completely at least twice a year.For this,you can find the problems timely and reduce the risk of your network security.

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