Measures against virus invading your computer

At present, there is a huge amount of computer users as well as computer viruses.Once you are not careful, virus will attack your computer and cause lots of problems to your work and life.Here are some measures against virus invading your computer.

1.Cancel the hidden folder sharing.If you are using Windows XP System,right-click on the disk C or other disk, select “share”, you will be surprised to find that it has been set to “share the file”, but you can’t see the content on the “neighbors” online .This brought great hidden danger to network security, because an intruder could easily see the contents of the disk C.

2.Refuse to malicious code.One of the biggest threats to the broadband is malicious web page.Now broadband speed quickly, so it is easy to be attacked by malicious web pages.Usually malicious web pages  become destructive by joining the malicious code, the malicious code is equivalent to some small programs, as long as you open the web page they will run.So to avoid malicious web attacking,you only need to ban the operations of the malicious code.

3.Change the administrator account.Administrator account possesses the highest system permissions, once it is used by others, the consequence is unimaginable.One of the common means of hacking is trying to get the administrator account password, so you’d better  reconfigure the administrator account.At first ,set a strong and complex password for administrator account,and then rename the administrator account, at last,create a no administrator permissions administrator account to cheat the invaders, so that the intruder is hard to understand which account really have administrator privileges, thus to some extent, will reduce the risk.

4.Install the necessary security software.You should also install the necessary security software in your computer, antivirus software and firewalls are necessary, they can ensure the security of the computer.

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