Why should you clean the temporary flies on your computer

When you browse the website,edit flies,or chat online,it will produce a large number of temporary flies unconsciously, these flies are like a shadow that will follow and keep track of your browsing all the time.

Then,what is the temporary flies?Generally,temporary flies refer to the contents of the temporary folder,but this is not the only case.The contents of the temporary folder are just a small part of the gigantic amount of temporary flies that clog in the hard disk of your computer.These temporary flies an also be produced through other channels,especially when you are installing and operating programs,in this process,it will produce many temporary flies.

Most people think temporary flies is not forever,so that they will be removed in the end of the program and swept away the computer when the program is discharged.But the fact will upset you,because sometimes they are not deleted automatically by the system,they will remain in the hard disk of your computer.

Don’t ignore these inappreciable temporary flies,they will take up the memory pace of your hard disk and cut the speed of system running.You think you haven’t copied large amount of flies,but someday when your computer prompts you your disk apace is insufficient,you might be very confused and don’t know the reason.There is large blame to the temporary flies. Also,these temporary flies will expose your privacy in some way.So,you’d better clean the temporary flies on your computer.

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